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Nothing says more about a company than what their customers have to say about the service that they receive. At Drew and Steve's Floor Care we take pride in the job we perform for our customers. To us nothing is as important as customer satisfaction.

Below we have provided some customer testimonials. If you have a testimonials you would like to share with us please contact us at:

Carpet cleaning testimonials Vancouver Washington | Portland Oregon"Steve,

thanks for coming over to clean my carpet before the Holiday. I vacuumed my carpet about a week after you cleaned it. When I vacuum the dust cup usualy fills up a couple of times. This time I had hardly anything in the dust cup after vacuuming. I am now going to commit to having my carpets clean every year by you."
Julie Rowland - Portland, Oregon

"Hi Drew and Steve,

I can't tell you how much I anticipated coming home tonight to see what you could do with our old ratty carpet.

As you may remember, we moved in 8 years ago and have only used our Bissell and rags to clean the carpet. When we moved in the carpets were in very rough shape and there were stains I couldn't get our no matter how hard I scrubbed, dabbed and extracted. I expected some permanent staining with pets and coffee, and Lord knows what else hit the floor.

You guys got out everything!!! The carpet looks like new. I can't thank you enough. If I get nothing else for Christmas I will be happy. A clean carpet! I don't know how you got the stains clean ~ they were so nasty.

I'm not embarrassed to have people walk in my front door anymore. If you ever need a personal recommendation, just let me know - I will give you guys top honors!

Thank you so very much!!!! Me so happy!

Kim Andrew - Clackamas, Oregon

"I love to have my carpets cleaned. The carpet just bounces back to life. The house smells so fresh after cleaning"

Kathleen Williams, home owner - Portland, Oregon

"you do an excellent job of taking care of our building"

Mikeael Lappier, Local 516 - Portland, Oregon

"We had a Board Meeting scheduled and our tile and grout lobby was very dirty. This is a part of the building that Drew and Steve didn't have a responsibility to clean. At the last minute I asked Steve if there was anything they could do about the dirty floor. Steve said he would take care of it that night for me. We came in the next day and the floor looked brand new. Some people asked if we had replaced the tile. So now Drew and Steve take care of this area on a regular basis for us. Drew and Steve have relieved me of my cleaning headaches."

Dianne Baldwin - CEO Pacific NW Ironworkers FCU - Portland, Oregon



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