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Carpet Cleaning Questions

Q. How soon can I use my carpets after you clean them?

A. The average drying time with our powerful equipment and 'state of the art' methods is a few hours. Please keep in mind many different factors play a role in dry times- HUMIDITY, FIBER TYPE, DEGREE OF TREATMENT, AIR MOVEMENT WITHIN THE HOUSE, etc. We recommend you stay off any damp carpet while drying. If you must walk on freshly cleaned carpet, please wear provided show covers or white socks are recommended, please do not wear shoes. Use caution when walking from damp carpet to hard surfaces as they are slippery.


Cleaning questions Vancouver | PortlandQ. How often should I have my carpets/ upholstery professionally cleaned?

A. Carpet cleaning frequency will depend on the usage of the particular room or piece of furniture. Carpets are a lot like automobile tires - some wear out faster than others depending on how they are used and cared for. Today, while soil removal and appearance are still a primary concern, cleaning for health is also a major factor. Carpets are like sinks - the soil and bacteria levels continue to rise until drained (cleaned). We recommend semi-annual cleaning for more heavily used areas (family rooms, stairs, halls) and annual cleanings for lesser used rooms (bedrooms, spare rooms).

Q. After you clean my carpets will they re-soil more quickly?

A. With our methods and extraction systems we completely rinse out residue, either from household 'do it yourself' cleaning agents or detergents left behind by companies using less powerful equipment or incorrect processes. WE suggest yo have your carpet and upholstery treated with protector. Protector not only insures they stay clean longer, but will allow you to clean up any future spills with less effort.

Q. Can you guarantee that you will remove all of my stains?

A. Drew and Steve's Floor Care can guarantee you the most thorough and professional job available. Even with our powerful equipment, extensive training and processes there will be stains that may not be able to be removed. Depending on the cause and treatment of spills and spots some stains may be permanent. We will conduct a pre-cleaning inspection with you and evaluate existing conditions at that time.

Q. How can I best care for my carpets / upholstery between cleanings?

A. Regular vacuuming and quick spot and spill treatment can help keep your carpets and furniture looking their best between professional cleanings. We encourage yo to call us BEFORE attempting to remove if yo have any questions or concerns.

Q. What other services does your company offer?

A. We offer upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, in addition to carpet cleaning. Also available are protectors and professional grade spot removers.


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